Kevin J. Lederer Life Foundation - 2018 Family Story

Nicole and Lance

Family Stories

Nicole and Lance


We have been married for 6 years, and have been trying to conceive for half of those. We have a wonderful home and two amazing dogs but still our hearts ache for a child. We have tried just about everything to grow our family, including two IVF cycles, both which were unsuccessful. We maxed out our limited lifetime fund for fertility treatment through our insurance and financially could not afford to pay for a third cycle, out of pocket. We thought our dreams of becoming parents were just that, dreams. Knowing our financial situation, our doctor suggested we apply for a Life Grant. When we found out we were recipients of a Life Grant, we were beyond ecstatic, and couldn’t be more grateful for another chance. After receiving the grant, we conceived on our own and are due at the end of summer 2019!

Nicole and Lance were awarded an IVF Life Grant through Vios Fertility Institute.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered

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