Kevin J. Lederer Life Foundation - 2018 Family Story

Brittany and John

Family Stories

Brittany and John

John & I have been married for six years and we have spent most of those six years trying to get pregnant. We got pregnant in 2012 and in 2015 but unfortunately both ended in miscarriages. We have had many tests done and unfortunately we don’t have any answers. There is nothing we want more than to be parents and have a family of our own!

We have completed two rounds of IUI and both were unsuccessful. We had high hopes with the second round of IUI because everything looked great. Shortly after we found out the second IUI did not take, we got the call that we were awarded the Life Foundation Grant for IVF. We were speechless. John and I are so happy and it is truly a blessing! We are beyond grateful for this opportunity and can’t thank the foundation enough!

We meet with Dr. Brasch at Chicago IVF at the end of August to continue our journey, and we pray every night that everything works out. This is all very stressful and nerve racking, but we are excited and nervous at the same time! We are ready and willing to do anything we need to, to achieve the goal of becoming parents!

Brittany and John were awarded an IVF Life Grant through Chicago IVF.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered

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